National Day Reception for the Birthday of His Majesty the Emperor of Japan was held on 5th of December 2018 in Nicosia

Ambassador Nakatsugawa delivered his opening remarks, proposing a toast with Japanese sake. Following, Foreign Minister Mr. Christodoulides, on behalf of Government of the Republic of Cyprus, gave his speech.
The Japanese cuisine and a variety of Japanese sake were served at the reception. Additionally, there was a display of the Japanese rice.

The Reception of this year was attended by approximately 180 guests, including the Foreign Minister Mr. Christodoulides, President of House of Representatives Mr. Syllouris, Former President Mr. Vasiliou, Former Foreign Minister Ms. Markoullis and the member of government officials, businesses, the cultural groups, diplomatic missions and so forth.

    Ambassador and Mrs Nakatsugawa welcoming                    Ambassador Nakatsugawa proposing a toast with
    the Foreign Minister Mr. Christodoulides                                             Japanese sake after his welcoming remarks 

                              Japanese sake booth                                                                        Japanese cuisine(sushi)booth

             Display of Japanese rice and serving of                                                                   At Reception Hall
             eight kinds of traditional Japanese riceballs