Greetings from Ambassador SEKI

Welcome to the website of the Embassy of Japan in Cyprus,
I am SEKI Izumi, and I arrived here as Ambassador to Cyprus on June 27, 2020.
The Embassy of Japan in Cyprus opened its office in January 2018, and the Embassy of Cyprus opened in Tokyo in September 2019. These facts reiterate that it is now the time that the bilateral relationships between Japan and Cyprus are expected to strengthen further in earnest and tangible manner.  Of course, good bilateral relations have been built and maintained up to this point, but on the top of that, as the second Japanese Ambassador stationed in Cyprus, I am determined to do my best to achieve it.
After joining the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, I have worked abroad in Australia (Canberra), the United States (Washington DC. (twice), Guam), Lithuania, and have worked both in Tokyo and abroad, I have been involved in various tasks in the fields such as political, economic, consular affairs, public relations/cultural affairs, protocol and economic cooperation.
This is my first time coming to work in Cyprus. I am so delighted and honored to be able to serve in a country with a long history and a rich culture, blessed with abundant sun shine and beautiful nature.  As Japanese Ambassador, I will make the best use of my experience and make best efforts to promote further exchanges between Japan and Cyprus, deepen and develop friendly relations.
One of our important missions of the Embassy is to provide consular services, and to protect and support Japanese nationals living in and visiting Cyprus.
At the same time, the Embassy is responsible for promoting understanding of Japan among the people in Cyprus. If you need any information on Japan, please contact us here.
I look forward to visiting many places in Cyprus, meeting many Cypriots and learning about Cyprus so that I can introduce Cyprus more to Japanese people in Japan.

July 2020
Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Japan to the Republic of  Cyprus
SEKI Izumi