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Scholarships of the Government of Japan (ΜΕΧΤ)

Μonbukagakusho Scholarships (ΜΕΧΤ)

Every year the Government of Japan funds the Μonbukagakusho (ΜΕΧΤ) scholarships to Cypriot citizens who wish to continue their studies in Japan, for a period of one and a half or two years from April or October. 

1. Research Students 

2. Undergraduate Students


 For general information concerning studies in Japan, please consult the following websites:

Study in Japan-Comprehensive Guide 

Japan Student Services Organization

 Information for Universities according to your specialty: 

Japanese Colleges and Universities Search 

Read Directory Database of Research & Development Activities 


 Experiences of former scholarship students:

 ・ Mr. Ioakim Ioakim" Μy life in Japan. A dream..."